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Together We Are Powerful.

Let’s face it: Our financial system is rigged in favor of the wealthy. 

Think about it… What has your bank done for you lately?

We recently surveyed 500 people and 99% said that their bank doesn’t help them make smart moves like reducing debt, increasing income, making smart investments, and minimizing tax1.

But here’s the Big Banks’ dirty secret: They DO help their rich customers make these moves. It’s called “private banking” and banks reserve their best products and services exclusively for wealthy customers.

Meanwhile, the rest of us are left to fend for ourselves.

Personal finance is complicated, with lots of math, confusing jargon, & fine print. Regular working Americans don’t have the expertise (or time) to make the best moves with their money.

Here’s the good news: Help is on the way.

A revolution has begun and Swell is leading the way. We’re reimagining what banking could be and we’re doing it together — as a community of people who want to get ahead. 

Our mission is to make money moves of the rich available to everyone.

Together we can do things that we can’t do by ourselves. Together we’re wealthy and powerful and we can make the same money moves as the wealthiest people.

Join the Swell Community and let’s fix the system together!

What is Swell?

Swell is a tech company with an FDIC-insured sponsor bank* and some big, strategic partners who are committed to our mission. We chose the name "Swell" because:

Swell Increase

Swell means "a gradual increase in amount,'' which is also the definition of our favorite financial concept: Compounding.

Swell Excellent

Swell also means "excellent; very good," and that's our mission—to help people use money to live an excellent life.

Swell Wave

Lastly, Swell is a subtle nod to the waves near our bank partner’s headquarters in Honolulu.

A Note From Our Founder

I grew up in constant fear of money. Some days my family had it, some days we didn’t. Luckily I was good at math and that was my ticket out.

Over time that fear of money turned into a fascination—I wanted to learn all the “money moves” that the smartest people use to get ahead. So that’s exactly what I did…

I spent my whole career in financial services and banking, learning credit cards, personal loans, mortgages, investing, everything! I made it to the executive suite but I never lost sight of that feeling I had as a child.

I know all the games banks play and all the ways things can be improved. I founded Swell to change the system. Swell is much more than a job to me—it’s my personal mission to make the best money moves available to everyone. Individually we may not be wealthy (YET), but together we are and we can make big moves together.

I invite you to join the Swell Community and let’s make bank together. 

 🤙  Kevin

P.S. I write about money and life on twitter at @camp4. I answer all DM’s—does YOUR bank’s CEO do that?

Survey of over 500 Swell community members conducted in October 2021.