One app with everything you need to get ahead.

Step 1 in a financial plan is to spend less than you make.

It’s easier said than done but Swell is here to help. It starts with Swell CashSM which comes with a stylish Swell Debit Mastercard®.  There are no  overdraft fees1 and you can withdraw cash fee-free from over 45,000 ATMs.2

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Tackle your debt with Swell CreditSM

Swell Credit is a bank line of credit* that can replace your more expensive credit cards and personal loans. Your Swell credit line is based on your credit profile. Learn more about qualifications.

Swell Credit helps you tackle debt and gives you instant access to the cash you need, without extra fees or strings attached. Simply borrow what you need, when you need it, and repay over time. You’ll never pay a cent until you access your credit line. You’ll pay interest only on what you borrow. Manage everything from the Swell app—no separate card required!


We’re so over overdraft fees

Swell Cash and Swell Credit work together to protect you from overdrafts.

If you ever run out of money in your Swell Cash checking account, an automatic draw from your Swell Credit line will cover your transactions without overdraft fees.1 You just pay a simple fixed interest rate until the money is repaid.

Overdraft Fee Protection

Break down debt without having a breakdown

Here’s a smart money move:

Use Swell Credit to consolidate higher-interest debt from credit cards and other loans. With lower interest rates, Swell makes it easy to simplify your finances to save on interest and get your debt paid off faster.

Amounts and APR shown are for illustrative purposes only.

Rich with features that don’t cost you a dime

Why switch from your old bank account to Swell? Because Swell is all about helping you make smart money moves. You’ll be part of a growing community of people who want to work together to get ahead.

No Hidden Fees
No hidden fees, no minimum balance fees, no bank transfer fees.
Bank from your phone
100% mobile banking via the Swell app.
Fee-Free ATM Withdrawals
Fee-free cash withdrawals at 45,000+ ATMs nationwide.2
Get your paycheck early
Access direct deposit paychecks up to two days early.3
All your banking in one account
No separate card required for Swell Credit – just draw funds to your debit card to spend.
Account security
Friendly phone support with real people.
Swell Debit Mastercard®
Swell Debit Mastercard® accepted worldwide.

Swell is officially here!

Join our waitlist, and we’ll send you an exclusive invitation code as soon as we can. Break away from your old bank and start making money moves with thousands of strivers like you who want to get ahead. Join the waitlist today!

Note: Automated overdraft functionality likely will not be available until June 2023. 

Credit approval and availability on your Swell Credit line required. The following transactions from your Swell Cash account are eligible for overdraft protection, and you agree that you are responsible for Overdraft Advances made to cover the following transactions: (i) debit card transactions (including PIN and signature transactions), (ii) pre-authorized ACH transactions (including transactions scheduled using Swell BillPay), and (iii) cash withdrawals at ATMs. Overdraft Protection does not apply to other transactions.

Click here to find an in-network ATM. Out-of-network ATM transactions are $2.50; out-of-network ATM operators also may charge fees. Other fees such as third-party and cash deposit fees may apply.

Early paycheck depends on the timing of the submission of the payment file from the payer. We generally make these funds available on the day the payment file is received, which may be up to 2 days earlier than the scheduled payment date.

Swell Cash and Swell Credit are not available in all states. See for more details.