Episode 6 - Own Your Health


Join us from Boulder, Colorado as Kevin talks with Dr. Vass Eliopoulos — one of the leading minds in regenerative medicine who talks about cutting edge therapies for optimal performance at any age.

Your health is the foundation of everything—so don’t outsource it! This conversation will change the way you think about health & medicine.  In this wide-ranging discussion we go deep into cutting-edge therapies for healing injury, treating mental illness, and performing your best at any age.  Vass also critiques the "medical-industrial complex" and provides a framework for how you can combine the best of mainstream medicine with the best of emerging therapies such as stem cells, IV infusions, and more.*

* Neither Kevin Dahlstrom nor Swell Financial, Inc. are medical professionals or providing medical advice – before undertaking any new health or fitness regime, you should seek the advice of a medical professional.

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