What are the benefits of a Swell Cash account?

Swell Cash is a bank account with no minimum balance fees and no overdraft charges.* Plus…

  • Access to 45k ATMs nationwide fee-free using the Allpoint® ATM network. You can find locations here.**
  • A Swell Debit Mastercard®. Check out the latest card benefits.
  • 1-tap transfers from your Swell Credit account to get instant access to the cash you need***


* Note: Automated overdraft functionality likely will not be available until June 2023.  Credit approval and availability on your Swell Credit line required. The following transactions from your Swell Cash account (up to an aggregate limit of $100 at any one time) are eligible for overdraft protection, and you agree that you are responsible for Overdraft Advances made to cover the following transactions: (i) debit card transactions (including PIN and signature transactions), (ii) pre-authorized ACH transactions, and (iii) cash withdrawals at ATMs.  Swell Credit Overdraft protection does not apply to other transactions.  For more details about Swell Credit Overdraft, see Sections 14, 15 and 16 of the Swell Credit Account Terms and Conditions and Section IV.L of the Swell Cash Deposit Account Agreement and Disclosures.

** You will incur ATM fees at non-Allpoint network ATMs. Click here to see the most up-to-date Swell Cash fee schedule.

*** For customers with a Swell Credit account. Qualifications to open a Swell Cash account and Swell Credit line are set by Central Pacific Bank. See here for more details on product qualifications.