Swell Compound's First Deal

🎉 Recently a group of Swell community members (including me) invested $1.6M in a sweet real estate deal in TX.

It’s a BIG step toward our mission to change the broken banking system.

"Strivers"—hard-working Americans who want to build wealth—have been excluded from investment opportunities like this for too long.

Banks secretly offer these investments, better loans, and other perks to their wealthiest customers but the rest are left to fend for themselves.

🇺🇸Strivers represent the best of America. It's people like @NikkiRogersOP, a savvy mom with side hustles.

Why shouldn't Nikki... and other strivers... have access to the same financial opportunities as the rich?

It’s Swell's mission—MY mission—to blow up the broken banking system.

Speaking of banking, did you know that the Big 4 Banks *alone* had record profits of $113 BILLION in 20211.

Where do you think those profits come from? (Hint: Look in a mirror.)

Yet 99% of Swell community members say their bank does nothing to help them get ahead.2


We can do better.

Swell is one simple, beautiful app with everything you need to manage spend, tackle debt, & invest with the best:

💵 Swell Cash: Fee-free checking you'll 😍
💳 Swell Credit: 1-click-credit at competitive  lower rates
📈 Swell Compound: 1-click-access to exclusive investments

credit card image

One of the (many) problems with traditional banks is that their products aren’t usually designed to work together. We've all experienced this—you have to start from scratch any time you want a loan, a new account, or anything. So frustrating!

With Swell *everything works together*.

There are lots of new banking apps out there. They may look slick but behind the scenes it’s the same tired old checking accounts & credit cards you can get anywhere.

At Swell, we’re rethinking banking from first principles.

Behind the scenes is Swell's sponsor bank, @CPBHawaii ($CPF), IMO the best bank in the US (#1 in the US in PPP loans during COVID), run by people with Aloha spirit 🤙.

Deposits are FDIC insured through CPB just like your current bank.3

But Swell isn't a bank…

Swell is built to help you get ahead.

The big banks make huge profits from YOUR money.

Swell is flipping that model on its head. The tagline for our upcoming launch is:

Let’s Make Bank Together.

(😉Get the double meaning?)

Community image

Let’s fix the broken banking system together!

Swell launches in July by invitation only.

Swell Founding Members are first in line—it’s not too late to sign up and get a founding member number! 👇



.1. Sources: NY Times and CNBC
2. Survey of over 500 Swell community members conducted in October 2021.
3. Banking services and line of credit services are provided by Central Pacific Bank, Member FDIC.



Swell Financial, Inc. is a technology company, not a bank, broker-dealer, financial advisor, investment advisor, or investment company. Swell does not make investment recommendations and is not endorsing any particular security or investment opportunity. Swell does not intend to solicit or accept from you any money or other consideration, nor any commitment from you (binding or otherwise), in respect of any securities or investment opportunities discussed in this message. Investments made available via the Swell Compound are not FDIC-insured and are not sponsored by or offered by Central Pacific Bank or any other insured depository institution. Results are not guaranteed. Past performance is not an indication of future results.